Why Dental Care?

Everything in life requires maintenance. What does not require maintenance will require care and nourishment. However, when it comes to our teeth and our mouths in general, they are considered a way of nourishment and never quite get the care they deserve. Think about it, your mouth (and teeth) are as much a part of your body as is every other system that your body contains.

Scientific research has proved that the bacteria causing diseases of the mouth are also responsible for further ill effects down the line in your digestive system and even has an adverse impact on the quality of your blood. On average, there are 615 known varieties of bacteria that are quite comfortable to reside within your mouth. After all it has all the mod cons that bacteria need to stay, breed and flourish such as a warm and wet/humid atmosphere. For company, there are about 6 billion bacteria that can happily live together in the human oral cavity.

Into this space, introduce various kinds of foods and sugary drinks, coffee and tea, wine, acidic sports drinks and various food particles that can get lodged between your teeth and provide a ready incubation ground for bacteria. The food particles usually end up as plaque deposits under your gums, which form a calculus that if not cleaned and scraped off, will definitely cause gum disease. In cases, this can also be a forerunner of bone disease. Bone disease, believe it or not, is a problem faced by 23% of the adult population. This is a particularly painful ailment and can be related to more serious diseases such as strokes and even Alzheimer’s.

With so much at stake, it makes sense to rethink our approach to oral hygiene and ensure that the right guidance is in place to prevent future problems.