Teeth Whitening???

Think of tooth whitening as a cosmetic makeover for your teeth. In the course of our daily lives, we give our teeth ample opportunity to pick up stains. Coffee and tea are the biggest culprits in this case, as are sugar-laced soft drinks and foods. Stained teeth can easily be fixed with both in-clinic and at-home methods available to choose from. However, the choice of treatment should be made in consolation with your dentist.

The process of whitening your teeth to restore their natural state is a chemical one and deploys a gel that is applied to the tooth enamel. This gel is usually made of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. This gel penetrates the tooth enamel and oxidises stains. This entire procedure is completely safe and predictable.

Home whitening methods usually take about a couple of weeks at most. The clinic-procedure is immediate in comparison and is done in just two hours. Home whitening involves taking a mould of our teeth and making custom-fitted trays from them. These trays will hold the whitening gel in contact with your teeth. Care must be taken to ensure that the gel does not come in contact with your gums as it can cause irritation.

The in-clinic whitening process is speeded up with the use of a special LED lamp which activates the gel which is applied in four cycles spaced 20 minutes apart from each other. At the end of the procedure, as we promised, you can even view before and after photographs and smile at the results.