Roots of Root Canal

When tooth decay or other factors cause the pulp (nerve tissue) in your tooth to get infected, you will need to get a root canal treatment done. The circumstances for this ailment are actually scarier than the cure. Root canal actually has a 95% success rate and the entire process itself can be done painlessly. If there are any variations in the treatment milestones, you can always get the correct picture by taking x-rays. Only in the most severe of cases, an endodontist or specialist in root canal treatments needs to be consulted.

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Dental Erosions

This could be hard news for some people to digest but some of your most favorite things are the prime reason dentists are faced with patients with dental erosion. But before we get to the bad news, let us look at exactly what your dentist defines as dental erosion.

Demineralisation is what we dentists call dental erosion. Just like soil gets eroded by the flow of water and wind above it, your teeth too get eroded with the flow of certain substances that rob the mouth area of its protective saliva and literally ‘leech’ the minerals that make up your teeth (mainly calcium, yes).

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