Imagine straightening your teeth by yourself. The invisalign treatment is the latest in personal dental treatments that allow you to use custom-fitted teeth aligners to straighten your teeth. These clear-transparent braces fit to your teeth and can correctly position your teeth to bring out the best in your smile.

Made from very thin and light medical-grade polymer, Invisalign alginers are also very strong. As you continue to wear them, these aligners will gradually adjust their position until you get to the smile you desired in the first place.

Since the Invisaling system is not visible to others, you will not be bothered by others noticing anything. As mentioned earlier, the clear and transparent aligners are a system that you can use yourself. Therefore you have the convenience of putting your aligners on or taking them off whenever you wish. You are just as free to perform all the other tasks such as eating and brushing your teeth without having to worry about your aligners getting in the way.

The beauty of this system lies in the exacting fit that is part of the process used to design your aligners. Each aligner is made with the help of 3D computer-based technology that can actually show you what your treatment is going to be like right in front of you on a monitor screen. Think of it as a virtual model of the process your own teeth will undergo in the aligners.

Invisalign is the modern successor to metal wire braces. They have none of the limitations of conventional braces and actually have a few of their own excellent advantages that are hard to fault. Imagine a way to straighten teeth without braces that you can do by yourself, Invisialign offers that solution to crooked teeth.