General Dentistry

The preservation of your teeth in their natural state is the main area of concern for general dentistry practices. These treatments are aimed at your tooth’s function and provide the kind of regular oral care that is necessary for you to keep your teeth healthy and well and smiling.

We are the care providers for you and your family and provide planning, diagnosis and treatment procedures that ensure that you maintain your precious natural assets. General dentistry procedures also cover education in the need for proper oral hygiene and the need for regular check-ups. This, we feel is extremely necessary in the case of children. Getting them on the right ‘tooth’ (to modify  a popular phrase) is extremely important to make sure they do not suffer dental problems in their later life.

Our general dentistry procedures cover the following areas:

  • Oral hygiene and the need for regular dental examinations
  • Preventive dentistry to correct faults and problems before they compound
  • Fillings and the correct selection of the materials used
  • Cleaning and tooth whitening

While the term ‘general dentistry’ might not seem as impressive as specialisations, we believe as care providers to our community, this is one area that needs the most outreach. The more complicated dental conditions that we also treat could have at some point be prevented, if not greatly reduced through the practice of general dentistry.

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