Dental Implants

For the best blend in aesthetic confidence and modern dentistry techniques, single tooth implant restoration options are uniquely favored by most people. This procedure has been proven to be effective in myriad different cases where they have been successful in the long run as documented by research.  Our implants offer the greater community of Brisbane the benefits of assessing for themselves the effectiveness of this treatment. A simple visit to the clinic for an oral examination will assess your suitability for this procedure.

Dental implants were not possible until the necessary technology to implant a titanium pin into the jawbone with as much functionality as the original tooth and the visual similarity to it as well was invented. With this technique, our dental surgeons can give you all the feel and use of a real tooth.

We make great efforts to keep ourselves at the forefronts of Prosthodontics and are capable of selecting only the best of the latest dental procedures and knowledge required to give you the best possible dental care. We regularly attend seminars and events to gain vital knowledge from the forefronts of dental science. It is our commitment to you that we are bringing the best of dentistry practices to you in Brisbane.

These implants are designed to last the daily rigours of use without losing their full functionality. The reason for this, as mentioned earlier, is the technology that makes this possible. Let’s take a look at the actual steps in the procedure:

  1. An artificial titanium tooth root is inserted.
  2. The head of the implant is fitted with a connecting abutment.
  3. The actual (artificial) tooth crown is then attached to the abutment.

After this three-step procedure has been completed, you will have regained your natural and healthy looking teeth.